Steam Stopper

curved steam stopper

Curved Steam Stopper

Square Steam Stopper

Square Steam Stopper

Steam Stopper Rectangle

Steam Stopper Rectangle

Stop Bathroom Condensation

  • Condensation on windows – gone
  • Bathroom fan is more effective
  • No mould growth as no excess steam,
  • No mould and mildew means improved air quality
  • Bathroom mirror stays clearer
  • Saves Hot water – turn the temp down
  • Contains warm moisture within your shower
  • Stops Steam being generated
  • Translucent finish stays looking better, longer
  • No installer required, Easy DIY install
  • Removable for easy cleaning

Check out the Steam Stopper website here
On this dedicated site we have complete information on each size and shape including cutting and trimming instructions.

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To Suit Showers with these Nominal Sizes
1000 x 1000 curved
  900 x   900 curved
1000 x 1000 Square
  900 x   900 Square
  900 x   760 Rectangle 
1000 x 1000 45deg angle 
Needs to be cut on site to fit a 900 45deg shower
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The Henry Brooks Steam Stopper is designed to stop steam in your bathroom, it does this by separating the ‘hot damp air’ (in your shower) from the ‘cold damp air’ (in your bathroom) reducing the need for a bathroom fan (you should still have one) and making your bathroom far easier to clean and in many cases stopping mould from growing, giving you a healthier home and reducing your hot water usage.

Steam Stoppers are a must for every home and tenanted property.

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