Shower Cubicles and Shower Enclosures

A Shower Cubicle is what you see in most NZ houses.

Square, Rectangular, or Curved and in many different sizes there is bound to be one that suits your bathroom.
Our shower cubicles and enclosures are available in a wide range of sizes to suit any shape or size of bathroom. They’re all manufactured to our exacting specifications. Constructed and finished with rugged hard wearing materials, so you know that they’ll look like new for ages. They’re practical, watertight, and easy to install.
The Shower cubicle trays we use are fully self-supporting. We use a solid 3.2mm acrylic surface fibreglass backfilled and a resin encapsulated board to spread weight. As a result we ensure strength and durability. In fact our shower trays have passed the rigorous Housing New Zealand durability test by surviving a cycle test of a 200 Kg weight being dropped onto the tray 5000 times.
This represents a tested lifespan of this shower tray design of 13.7 years, used once a day by a 200 KG person. No detrimental effect at all was observed to the surface or the structure of the shower tray.


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