About Us

Henry Brooks & Co Ltd is a New Zealand family owned business which was originally established in England in 1853. The company was a trading company prior to the early ’60s here in New Zealand. At that point they became involved in the early stages of aluminium window design and installation into some of New Zealand’s most iconic commercial buildings.

In the early 1970’s, the company designed New Zealand’s first ever shower doors, under the brand name ‘Showermaster’ *. The 3 panel sliding shower doors were the standard by which all other shower doors were measured, and in the early 1980’s, the ‘Trombone’ pivoting shower door was born after an 18 month development program which saw a complete re-think of the shower market in New Zealand. Further design innovation in the 1990’s resulted in curved shower doors becoming extremely popular, and the brand name ‘Collesium’ is synonymous with this curved design of door in the local market today.

Current development of leak proof tiled shower trays is continuing even today, in the search for stylish, yet practical solutions for our modern day living requirements.

Henry Brooks & Co Ltd also has extensive knowledge in the process of plastic sheet extrusion, and more recently, in plastic vacuum forming technology. Our production facilities, which are located in Auckland’s Eastern suburbs, support the manufacture and distribution of shower trays and shower wall linings, throughout New Zealand and Pacific Islands.

Our production facilities will also contract vacuum form all sorts of other plastic products for New Zealand customers, many of whom are international companies with export markets of their own.

Henry Brooks & Co Ltd is a stable, knowledgeable and well respected New Zealand company, which you can be confident in conducting your business with. We look forward to hearing from you in the very near future.

Brent Coutts

Henry Brooks & Co Ltd

  • Clearlite bathrooms now own the Showermaster brand and product designs.
  • For any enquiry’s regarding spare parts for the Showermaster brand of shower doors, please look at our Shower Door Parts Website and specifically this page for the 3 panel sliding door parts.