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Orion Rectangle LED Mirror


Orion Rectangle LED mirror is the newest design in our range. It provides a spectacular alternative to your traditional rectangular mirror.
Use these instead of a light over your mirror.
All Henry Brooks mirrors feature their own transformers with internal LED Lighting and built-in mirror demister.
Henry Brooks mirrors are pre-wired for a permanent connection to a wall switch. All your electrician needs to do is connect up our wiring tail to your bathroom light switch. Your now ready to enjoy the brilliance of our LED mirrors.


Orion Rectangle LED Mirror Features

  • High CRI LED’s
  • Demister included
  • ‘Rust Free’ Mirror – Copper and Lead Free
  • IP57 Rated
  • 1 connection for Electrician – pre-wired.
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Sensor switch (on/off for mirror light) is on the lower right side, (must be mounted more than 150mm from objects on the right)

Size: 700 x 900

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Our Mirrors use LED chipsets with 95 CRI – Daylight (the sun) being 100.
Henry Brooks LED’s represent the best “natural colour” look you will find on the market today!
LED chipsets with 95 CRI – Daylight

What is ultra high CRI?

Not all light is created equal. One may assume just because the colour temperature, wattage, and size are the same between two different LED’s they are equal, right? Not necessarily true.
High CRI LEDs will show an objects true pure and vibrant colour.
The Colour Rendering Index (CRI), also known by some as colour accuracy, is a term of measurement of how natural the light given off by a source looks in comparison to the sun.
All our mirrors use 4200K colour temperature LED chipsets which is classed as a “natural white” colour in lighting terms.

What this means to you is that makeup applied in front of your Henry Brooks LED mirrors will be the most natural we can make it, ensuring you will continue to look beautiful, all day long !


Unlike most imported mirrors, our New Zealand made mirror contains less than 0.1% of copper and lead helping with our mission of using more sustainable and environmentally friendly products wherever possible. This also drastically reduces the potential for premature “rust”.

Our New Zealand mirrors are also very durable and less prone to scratching unlike other inferior imported products that are being used in low cost solutions.


The facts are that electronic components don’t like heat, and an increase in temperature exponentially reduces the life of electronic components.

This is no different for LED’s. With this in mind, our engineers decided to include extruded aluminium channel to which the LED strip is fitted.

Aluminium being an excellent heat dissipating material has allowed our LED’s to run cool, increasing their life. This has given us confidence in the longevity of our mirrors.
Our mirror demister pad is over rated at IP57. This feature is great for those moisture filled bathrooms.

IP57 is a dust/water resistance rating for electrical components used in moist or wet conditions.

Henry Brooks mirrors are manufactured in New Zealand to our exacting specifications and come with a 2 year warranty on workmanship and components.
Unlike cheap imported mirrors Henry Brooks mirrors are manufactured to a 'excessively pedantic' high quality, and built to last, way past the warranty period.
Unlike cheap alternatives our structural framework is made from non corrosive extruded Aluminium, and the actual mirror is lead and copper free to eliminate 'mirror rust' commonly found on cheaper mirrors after a short time exposed to moisture.
Our stringent quality control measures ensure that you'll be able to enjoy your mirror for years to come.
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