40mm upstand shower tray henry brooks
Cross section 40mm tray upstand

40 mm upstand Shower Trays should be the Standard of all 2 or 3 lip shower trays These are conventionally designed of shower trays with an industry leading 40mm high ‘upstand’ behind the shower walls. This Upstand makes it easy for the installer, is more waterproof and is better for the client in that there is no silicone visible in the shower. Our extensive experience in renovating bathrooms (since 2000) means we know exactly what is important in shower tray design, construction and installation. Sturdy design and construction, tested to extremes of usage, combine with elegant lines and a pure acrylic material to deliver not only a hygienic surface but also a fashionable and highly desirable shower tray. Our Shower trays are being used by Housing New Zealand as being robust and sturdy, surviving a 200 KG weight being dropped 5000 times onto the shower tray without any structural damage at all. Available in a wide range of sizes up to 1800mm x 900mm, these Dreamline shower trays are made to fit luxury installations and exude class and functionality.

Examples of Trays with 40mm upstands

Shower Tray 1400 x 900 Dreamline
Urban Tray Upstand Design 3 sided tray
40mm shower tray Upstand
Curved shower Tray Upstand 2 sided tray
Urban Shower Tray Square
Squsre Shower Tray Upstand on 2 sided tray