Corner Baths

Our Corner Bath models are a great way of getting the clean finished lines of a free standing bath without building all the bath frames etc.

Many people are finding that installing a corner bath gives them a great sleek look and a lot of bath in a small space. They are very easy to clean and do not take up much space. There is no gaps for soap bottles or water to spill down the back.
Corner baths are designed to fit up to your wall, making the installation very simple while giving you a clean and contemporary looking bath installation at the same time saving floor space.
We have both the Michelle (1300mm and 1500mm ) and the Christine (only 1500mm) corner baths. They all have a flat back which is designed to fit back to your wall.
Advantages of a Corner Bath:
The look of a freestanding bath without the loss of space or the contrast of tiles around the front. No spilling of water or dropping items down the back of the bath
They are made from a high quality hygenic grade acrylic sheet which is Very easy to clean, no stretching over or down the bath to get to clean the gap at the back.

Look through our corner baths and corner spa baths by clicking on the images below.

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