Bathroom Vanities


Henry Brooks & Co Ltd have an exciting range of well constructed bathroom vanities for you to choose from. Our commitment to producing only high quality product is evident in the cabinetry, door hardware and draw runners that we use on every vanity that we produce. The materials we use are tested, and tested again, to ensure only the finest products are presented for your selection.

Henry Brooks & Co Ltd has a sound and experienced based knowledge of what’s required by New Zealand consumers in terms of design and construction. We believe that a direct comparison between Henry Brooks bathroom vanities, and other brands in the market, will convince you of the value that exists in our range of products.

On the following pages you will see, what we believe to be, a selection of the best value bathroom vanities available in the market today. We have floor standing and wall mounted vanities, storage towers and mirrored wall cabinets, in a variety of styles and finishes to satisfy customer requirements. We look forward to being able to satisfy your requirements, very soon.