Choosing a Quality Shower Door

Items to Note when Choosing a Shower Door

When Choosing a shower door there are a few things to consider. Among these are how long will it last and can I get parts for it when they need replacing.

Quality Shower Doors by Henry Brooks Bathrooms

Many of us are trying to be as ecological as we can when buying items for our homes. One way of doing this is is to buy products that have a long life and can be repaired and not have to be replaced and have parts available for you when your shower door needs them.

There are many Shower Doors that are brought into New Zealand only some are made here.

We, as the buying public, assume that whoever supplies the Shower Door has replacement parts available. When in many cases there is no intention from these companies of having parts available. If this happens, you will need to replace your Shower Door or use a curtain.

In some cases the parts were only made for that series of doors and then when the company disappears the availability of those parts also disappear. Other Companies use parts that are common to various Shower Doors. The only issue when you need parts is that you need to find a supplier of those specific parts when you need them. This becomes difficult, especially if the company you bought your door from no longer exists.

We at Henry Brooks have been involved in supplying shower doors for many years. We can still supply most of the parts for doors over the last 20 years and all over the last 15 years. We keep a range of Shower door parts for our shower doors and have expanded our range with some of the common parts that are needed for other brands of Shower Doors.

We can’t supply all of the possible parts, there are literally 1000’s of different shower door parts around the world. What we have been doing is looking and learning at what is being used in NZ and working towards having parts available to suit most of the Shower Doors in NZ.

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