All our Acrylic Shower trays (as opposed to cheaper ABS plastic construction) are hygienic and very easy to clean, they can be repaired if scratched or chipped and will not discolour (go yellow) over time.

Our Acrylic Shower trays are fully self-supporting with a solid 3.2mm acrylic surface fibreglass backfill and a resin encapsulated board to spread weight and ensure strength and durability. In fact our shower trays have passed the rigorous Housing New Zealand durability test by surviving a cycle test of a 250 Kg weight being dropped onto the tray 5000 times.
This represents a tested lifespan of this shower tray design of 13.7 years, used once a day by a 250 KG person. No detrimental effect at all was observed to the surface or the structure of the shower tray.

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4 Lip Shower trays

As the name suggests, these shower trays have a 20mm high upstand around the perimeter on all 4 sides of the tray.

The shower door and screens then sit inside these ‘upstands’ so that water cannot leak from any corner and is retained inside the shower box when in use.

All 4 sides of these trays are a ‘finished’ surface, meaning that the tray can be rotated for a variety of install situations to suit individual requirements and the visible surface is white acrylic..

900mm x 1200 4 lip shower tray Henry Brooks
4 lip shower tray Henry Brooks


40 mm upstand Shower Trays (Urban)

40mm upstand free flow shower tray henry brooks
A conventionally designed range of shower trays featuring an industry leading 40mm high ‘upstand’ behind the shower walls.

Sturdy design and construction, tested to extremes of usage, combine with elegant lines and a pure acrylic material to deliver not only a hygienic surface but also a fashionable and highly desirable shower tray.

Available in a wide range of sizes up to 1800mm x 900mm, these Dreamline shower trays are made to fit luxury installations and exude class and functionality.

Urban shower tray cutaway
Urban-1400-alcove-Shower-tray Henry Brooks


Acrylic and Tiled walls

Acrylic Walls

Tiled Walls

These trays can be installed with acrylic wall liner or tiled walls. The only difference is, once the wall lining is fitted (Gib-board or Fibre cement) and as shown, slightly proud of the tray upstand to allow for the silicone, the wall is waterproofed prior to the tiles being fited.