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Curved Door Shower Enclosures

Our Sliding Door Curved Showers are suitable for corner (2 walled) installations and available in 900 x 900 and 1000 x 1000mm sizes which are .

They have a quality folded acrylic shower liner, therefore a moulded soap/shampoo holder can added.

These long life showers come complete with sliding safety glass doors which complies with the NZ safety standards NZ/AS 2208.1996 safety glazing standards for shower screens.

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Click here to buy a Steam Stopper to match this shower and stop your bathroom steam

Build your Curved Shower Enclosure

Wanting to buy a Shower Tray with waste or Doors only?
If so go to Build your Curved Shower here

Acrylic Shower liners 2m high x 3.6m long
now available

to suit the Shower trays and Shower doors

Curved Showers

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