Didosi Tileable Shower Tray – New by Henry Brooks

Getting a good quality tileable shower tray which will withstand the rigors of daily use and house movement without causing heartache in the years to come has been hard to find.

We’ve now combined our considerable experience with acrylic shower trays to develop a 1 piece tileable shower tray with built in fall and a low step. This tray also enables the use of a std 90mm easyclean trap which helps to keep both the purchase cost and the install cost down. The Tray also reduces the time to install a Tiled shower tray and does not require waterproofing on the bathroom floor. Another advantage is this design enables you to place this on an existing polished wooden floor or a 2nd floor of an existing house without the normal concerns of house movement causing leaking.

Tileable shower Tray Features

  • 1 piece tray – no joins
  • Built in 30mm Up-stands
  • Uses an std 90mm Easyclean shower waste
  • Very fast install – saves time & money
  • Pre-shaped floor
  • Stainless Steel Grate – removable
  • No waterproofing of tray required
  • No permit required for tray – but you may need a permit if you are waterproofing the walls for tiles
  • Ideal for upstairs wooden floors
  • Tested to withstand use by 200kg person
  • In Stock
  • 1000 Corner 2 walled trays
  • 1200 Left or right 2 walled and
  • 1200 Alcove 3 walled install trays
  • 1400 Left or right 2 walled and
  • 1400 Alcove 3 walled install trays
  • 1600 Alcove 3 wall install trays
  • 1800 Alcove 3 wall install trays

For inquiries please email us at sales@henrybrook.co.nz or complete the form on this page https://www.henrybrooks.co.nz/contact-us/

Tile-able Shower tray cutaway on wooden floor

Tileable Shower Tray cut away for cross section wooden floor

Tile-able Shower tray cutaway on concrete floor

tiled shower wall cut aways for cross section upstand Henry Brooks

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Tileable Shower Tray Installation Process