Shower Liners

A shower becomes easier to clean and far more hygienic when you have an acrylic shower liner installed. The Henry Brooks shower liners are made from a sanitary grade acrylic material which is both impact resistant, UV stabilised and able to be moulded and folded keeping the high quality finish and easy to clean surface.

Henry Brooks not only supply standard sized Shower and Bath liners for a small shower of 760 x 900 through various sizes to a bath of 1675 x 760 – 3 walled shower alcove, but also custom made liners to suit your specific installation requirements to a maximum of 3.6m long.

Bath and Shower liners can now be made up to 2000mm high x 3600mm wide [break]to special order when needed

The larger sizes are to suit our new Dreamline Shower trays and Doors [break]sizes available 1400×900, 1600×900 and 1800×900.

The shower liner can be supplied with either a flat wall or with a moulded wall to hold shampoos and soaps, which is normally placed on the opposite wall to where you are having the Shower slide fitted. By choosing a moulded wall you negate having soap recesses cut through your shower lining reducing the likelihood of any leakage from your new shower.

Our factory is in East Tamaki, Auckland, but these shower and bath liners can be bought from us or Bunnings NZ wide. If you live in Auckland the made to order liners can often be delivered within 24 hours which suits many home renovators, builders, plumbers and renovation companies.

 •  Hygenic Sanitary grade acrylic     • 2mm thick     • Scratch and mould-resistant     • Easy to clean     • Flat or moulded walls

moulded shower liner

Moulded Shower Liner

Shower liner Dreamline 1400 Alcove

1400 alcove Shower Liner

alcove liner henry brooks

Alcove Shower Liner

Shower liner Dreamline 1600 Alcove

1600 Alcove Shower Liner

moulded shower liner Henry Brooks

Close-up of Moulding

Shower liner Dreamline 1800 2 walled

2 wall Shower Liner

Bath liner flat Henry Brooks

2 wall Bath Liner

Bath liner 3 wall flat

3 wall Bath Liner