Channel or Grate Waste Shower Trays

Channel (grate) waste shower trays have become more popular and look great.

We’ve now combined our considerable experience with acrylic shower trays to incorporate a channel (grate) waste into our acrylic shower trays. The first one available (early 2020) will be the 1400 x 900 Alcove (3 walled) shower tray with the Channel on either the left or right, other sizes to follow. This 1 piece acrylic channel waste shower tray with built in fall and a low step uses a std 90mm Easy Clean trap which enables the installation cost of a tray with a channel waste to be kept down.

This tray can be installed on any substrate and only needs to be installed as you would a standard acrylic shower tray,


Features of the
Urban Channel Waste Shower Trays

  • Made from high-grade white acrylic sheet
  • Low profile tray (front edge)
  • 3 walled installations
  • 2 wall install available mid 2020
  • 1400mm x 900mm Shower Trays
  • Other sizes to be added 2020
  • 40mm high upstands – very waterproof
  • Designed for 90mm easy clean wastes
  • Fiberglass reinforced acrylic – very strong
  • Tested for weights over 200kg
  • Multiple support feet – no foam to crush or compress
  • Stainless Steel Channel (Grate) Waste

This acrylic tray is made from a high-quality, hygienic grade white 3.2mm pure acrylic. This is formed with an easy clean surface with fall to the Channel waste which hides an Easy Clean Waste. This shower tray has a low 50mm step to step over into the tray and also features a 40mm upstand on the sides where your walls will be. On installation, the wall lining or tiles comes down over this upstand and forming a waterproof seal with no silicone is visible inside the shower.

Shower Tray 40mm Upstand Detail

Our extensive experience in renovating bathrooms (since 2000) means we know exactly what is important in shower Tray design, construction and installation.
Our products are approved by Housing New Zealand as being robust and sturdy. They have survived a 200 KG weight being dropped 5000 times onto the shower tray without any structural damage at all.

Optional Easy Clean Waste details here
A Henry Brooks Easy Clean Waste is available for use with this Shower tray. Essential for easy installations on concrete floors.