Steam Stopper

A Steam Stopper Stops bathroom Steam. Condensation in your bathroom is caused by hot damp air in your shower mixing with cold damp bathroom air. The Steam Stopper separates these two groups so that bathroom steam cannot be produced.

BYE-BYE MIRROR MIST By installing a Steam Stopper you eliminate steam in your bathroom and therefore stop condensation forming on your bathroom mirror, wall tiles and bathroom window eliminating the need for bathroom mirror demisters.
BYE-BYE MOULD The first step on bathroom mould removal is to remove the source of steam in your bathroom. This is easy to say and almost as easy to do. You will effectively stop the growth of mould in your bathroom by installing a Steam Stopper.
HELLO REDUCED ENERGY CONSUMPTION Simply by stopping heated air escaping from the top of our showers, we will keep our showers warmer, enabling us to lower the shower mixer control, still staying warm and saving power at the same time.
HELLO REDUCED WATER USAGE By using a Steam Stopper on top of your shower, you can keep the hot air in and the cold air out. This increases the temperature inside the shower, therefore using less hot water due to running your shower cooler.

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