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Steam Stopper Curved


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The Steam Stopper Curved is suitable for most 1m x 1m and 900mm x 900mm Curved corner shower cubicles, We have found that most curved showers have a 550mm radius curve on the front, some have a 450 Radius curve these are the ones that the Curved Steam Stopper will be easiest to fit as the curve is pre-cut to suit, but you do need to tell us which you have.

This Steam Stopper Curved will:

  • Stop Steam from being made in your shower
  • Stop your mirror from misting
  • Make your paint last longer
  • Pealing paint is a thing of the past
  • Reduce the cleaning of your bathroom
  • Stop Mould from growing
  • Save power


Please note
For sizes other than std (as above) or you do not know the radius of the door curve we recommend the 995 x 995mm Steam Stopper as the curve can then be cut on site to suit your shower.
We recommend the curve be cut with a Router. If you need to trimmed the sides you will find the cutting instructions here.
Click on the image for a larger version to print and take into your chosen supplier.

Installation Instructions link for the Steam Stopper Curved is at bottom of this page


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Steam Stopper

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